Check out my Spotify Playlist by clicking on the image / link. It is all about piano music from modern composers creating new sounds in the fields of neoclassic, electronica, ambient and deep house.

Live Performance "Dürr Darbte Der Baum"

A 1-hour Live Set featuring songs from the last 4 years as well as new material from my upcoming Album.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkjeAmALIZ0

Crash The Orchestra

This is the second single of my new album, which will be released in autumn this year! The song tells the story of an orchestra going rogue during a rehearsal and switching from a classical tune to a wild improvisation of breakbeats, odd rhythms and catchy melodies. The clash of classical and electronic music and the main theme of all my music and is displayed here in a way I haven't done before. 

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein


"Cirrus" is an absolute feel-good track reminiscent of 90s House and full of retro vibes. It has all the energy and euphoria I am feeling as soon as the long, hard winter in Berlin breaks and we are able to feel some sun on our skins again. When I listen to this track I smell the ocean, feel the sun and taste a cold spritz - cheers !

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Ein elektronisches Requiem

The first of its kind - Ein elektronisches Requiem!

This is the very first electronic Requiem and a special project of mine. It is not only my first truly classical project, but also the first meditative and spiritual work where the music serves a higher purpose than itself. As you might imagine, it is not something "light" to listen to at work or during your daily commute. You need time and the right emotional state to listen to the whole thing and be receptive for it. 

Listen here: https://lnk.to/SLWCD01

Faye (Schlindwein Rework)

My Remix / Rework for the band "Tough Mama".

It's been a while since I did a remix and I enjoyed working with such a well written song! When I started producing I did many remixes as a practice to improve my skills and working on this one reminded me how fun it actually is. 

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Black Hole

My collaboration with the singer "SCHWARZ".

It is an empowering, yet melancholic song about tension and release, full of emotions that piled up in us during the pandemic year 2020…

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Piano Tales

My second Album! 

Many tracks on this album have been in the making for years and with this album I finally finished them. "Rhapsodie" existed already since 12 years and it is such a special piece to me. "New Life" was recorded multiple times over 6 years...

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Journey To The Sky - Solo Synth Works

Minimal / ambient / classical works for Synthesizers.

I tried out a new concept here where I played my classical compositions on Synthesizers and didn't use any Piano or Drums like in my previous releases. I still love how it turned out!

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Piano & Electronic Ensemble Op.1

My first Album!

Recorded live as a one take with my Piano and Ensemble of Synths, Effects and Drum machines. It was an extremely valuable experience to produce this album and it elevated my skills greatly.

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Après Minuit 

My collaboration with the singer Felix Räuber!

After touring together and jamming this song live a few times, we decided to release it. To our astonishment it was featured in award winning TV Shows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "How To Get Away With Murder".

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

I Call You Up / In Your Eyes 

A two track EP including my collaboration with the Singer Chris Schummert! 

Two quite different songs that are part of my musical evolution as an artist and a producer. "I Call You Up" is heavily influenced by Disco and Funk, while "In Your Eyes" is based on an evolving piano theme which I had in my head for quite a while. "I Call You Up" reached the Spotify Viral Charts in Germany and was used during a soccer match of the German National Team.

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Electronic Piano

My first EP! 

These were my first solo songs I put out and started my path. I was still learning a lot and was looking for my sound at this point. Nonetheless it helped me to make an important step forward. It even reached #13 in the German iTunes Charts!

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein

Beautiful Day feat. Lulu Schmidt

My collaboration with the singer Lulu Schmidt!

My very first single... what a thrill! As the instrumental was already approved for a film placement we had to finish writing, recording, mixing and mastering this song in 3 days! We did quite well and the film was released in Cinemas and Netflix later on. It gave me also my first big Playlist and Frontpage placements on Spotify, iTunes, MTV and Apple Music.

Listen here: https://linktr.ee/schlindwein